Not accepting the appointments.

Booking Request & Price List

We are for Ladies Only, By Appointment Only Private Salon.

To prevent the COVID-19, please choose not to making appointment

if the following conditions are relevant to you. 

  • Traveled abroad / arrived to Japan within the last two weeks
  • Based overseas - We need to see your Residence card at your first visit. If you forget to bring it, we are very sorry but we won't give you the treatment.
  • You don't have a Japanese domestic telephone number that we can contact you directly.
  • Had/Have cough or symptoms of cold or fever more than 37.5℃(=99.5 degrees in Fahrenheit) within two weeks
  • Abnormal condition of the taste or smell
  • Sense of fatigue, Difficulty breathing
  • Have close contacts with people infected with COVID-19 close to you 



Requests for clients as COVID-19 countermeasure 

  • Wash room is not available for the hygenie management.
  • Please make sure to wear a mask in the salon. The tea service after the treatment refrains accordingly.
  • Please cooperate in the hand disinfection upon arrival (sanitizer is available).
  • If you found that you are infected with the COVID-19 after your visit, or if you are suspected, please let us know immediately.



Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Let's do our best together to end corona pandemic!





Due to the rising price and the shortage of materials from the Corona crisis,

currently the menus available are limited as following.


VIO (Bikini wax)
and Optional Menus (except Nose)

Let us know a couple of choice of Date and Time, so that we will arrange an appointment for you,

and will send a confirmation email to you.

However, if we are not available as your wish, we will reply you to discuss about the other time.


  • Instant booking is available on Hot Pepper Beauty (We are sorry but English is not available on it..) 
  • Please call us if it's within 2days for the day you would like to book. → We will not able to respond to your request during the treatment or holidays. Therefore we may not able to reply you by your desired appointment time/day. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

---Important Note---

  • Certain length of hair (VIO; more than 1cm,  Body; more than 3~5mm) is necessary.
  • Please avoid the activities that could give you bacteria or friction such as the sea, swimming pool, spa, public bath, sexual activity, etc for 2 - 3 days after the waxing.
  • In case you are having the waxing on VIO/Legs/Buttocks during your period, using a tampon is necessary.
  • Avoid Back waxing such as back and nape just before your important schedule. Especially for the first time, one or two months before would be recommended.
  • Person who is on medication for the mental disturbance and/or has sexually transmitted disease cannot get the waxing.
  • No-show fee (100% of the estimated treatment fee) charges. 
  • We are a private salon, reserving time for you. Even if you need to cancel some or all of the menus on the day for any reason including skin condition, schedule, late arrival, please let us know more than one day before.
  • Your appointment is NOT settled until we send you the confirmation email.

If you agree with the "Important Note" above, please tick the box below and proceed to the request form.

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